Friday, June 24, 2016

Missing Juvenile located with help from social media

On today's date at 2:11 p.m. members of the Middleton Police received a call of a missing autistic six year old child from the Hampshire Shores Development.

Officers from the Wakefield Police as well as Milton Police responded to assist us in the search.  The Strafford County Bloodhound, Jasper and his handler, Sgt. Kerkensen  were also requested to respond. 

 We also communicated with the State Police SERT team, a specialized mobile team of the NH State Police who specialize in missing person searches.  Had a K-9 search failed, the team would have been activated 

Members of the Department turned to their social media tools and sent out a emergency alert over the Middleton Police Mobile App requesting members of the community to keep an eye out for the child.  Our social media tools allowed us to send a photograph of the child.  Within a short period of time, our community members immediately started sharing the posts which reached thousands of viewers.

At 2:52 P.M. a teenage resident of the Butler Ave area saw the young child in a wooded area behind her residence.  She immediately notified the police.  The child was located safely 7 minutes after that sighting in a wooded area.  He was evaluated by Middleton EMS and returned safely to his parents.

The successful return of the child was a direct result of the cooperative efforts of our law enforcement partners.  Most importantly we are greatly appreciative for our loyal and dedicated community members who kept a diligent watch and answered our call for help from the community.  That effort is what makes Middleton a great town and in this case, returned a missing child in a short period of time. 

The actions of the child are a cause and effect of his illness.  During the past we have attempted to attach a gps tracking device to the child however he has removed them.  We are currently speaking with Town Management and hope to have a fundraiser in the near future hosted by the Middleton Police Association  that will allow us to purchase the necessary tracking equipment for the child that can be suited to his needs.  I will post this effort in an upcoming blog.

Thanks again to all that answered our call for help.  Without your efforts our job would be more tedious. 

Missing Juvenile

He had been located safe.  EMS has been toned as a precaution only!

This six year old took off from his residence in the Pinkham Road area.  He is only dressed in white underwear.  Police units are out in the area and a bloodhound unit is enroute.  Please call dispatch at 603 473 8288 if you see him 

Missing Juvenile

This six year old took off from his residence in the Pinkham Road area.  He is only dressed in white underwear.  Police units are out in the area and a bloodhound unit is enroute.  Please call dispatch at 603 473 8288 if you see him 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Exciting Changes Coming to Our Mobile App

I updated the Middleton Police Mobile App this morning with some exciting changes.  If you are a user of the mobile app, your Android Phone or Iphone will automatically notify you of the update.  the Android update will post within 24 hours while the Apple side has to go through an intensive screening process by Apple.  That can take up to 20 days.

The biggest change the public user will see is we now have a log in screen.  This was build so that I could assign user rights.  The public will have the same great features and will only have to select the Public Login Button.  No user name or registration is required.  Simply hit the public login button once and your mobile app will function the way it does now.

The screen will look like below:

While the public will not see many changes, the login screen allows me to add features that are only available to specific groups.  For example, police will have access to their emergency checklists.  I can add an emergency contact secton where we have all the names and phone numbers in the field of our local state and federal partners.  We can also load pre-plans etc that will only be available to folks who we have given user rights to.

I have also created a panic button that will be available to staff at the school if they chose to use it.  The panic button will alert 911 and the police to a critical emergency.  It will provide us with a message and location information of the emergency within 15 feet of where the user deploys it.

I also perfected the user subscriptions and groups.  Subscriptions are public messages where we post notices.  You can receive all or choose what to receive or not receive.  All the messages show up in the alert section so you can see what we send however you will not be bothered with the notification if you so choose.

Groups are people who we have assigned to a group who will be the only one to receive the message.  For example I can send an alert for all off duty police personnel to report to a command post and send gps coordinates and a map of the command post.  I can also blast a photo of a missing child or wanted person to all police personnel.

If you are not using the mobile app, I would encourage you to do so.  We do not track location information or user information of the public.  I would encourage you to receive push notifications and allow location information.  This allows you to receive important information that we blast to your neighborhood only.   If someone has concerns and wants to see what goes on behind the scenes, I would be happy to have you come in and show you the console so that you can see what we can see.

Our mobile app created in house is the most comprehensive mobile app in the country.  We have features that are not available in other commercial products anywhere.  Our application allows for critical incident management and through the same program allows us to send real time accurate information to the public and private information to members during critical incident management.

You can download the app free of charge by searching the play store on an Android Device or the App store on the iphone for Middleton Police. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Missing child located safe

On today's date at 4:19 PM Middleton Police were Dispatched to the Hampshire Shore Roads development for a missing six year old autistic child.

We were joined by the Milton Police Department and three members of the New Hampshire State Police.

Upon arrival we learned that the child was missing for approximately 30 minutes before our arrival.  The child removed a GPS tracking device prior to leaving the residence.
Approximately 45 minutes into the search the child was located just as the K9 arrived.

The child was transported as a precautionary measure to the hospital by Middleton Ambulance with non life threatening injuries.

We wish to extend our deepest appreciation for our law enforcement partners who assisted in the search and perimeter.

A State Police hound was dispatched due to the time period the child was missing.

At the command post Middleton Police were in communication with the Commander of the NHSP SERT Team.

Had a k9 search not been successful, the team would have been activated.

The child is expected to make a full recovery.